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Qualified Neutral Rule 114
Mediator, Coach, Parent Educator in Golden Valley, Minnesota

Susan Carpenter
Mediator, Coach and Parent Educator

Susan was a contributor to the Minnesota Supreme Court's

Child Focused Parenting Time Guide published in 2019.

  • Qualified Neutral Rule 114

  • Master's Degree in Family Education

    • ​Licensed Parent Educator​

  • Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

  • Mediator - Civil and Family Court Rosters

  • Parenting Consultant

  • Parenting Time Expeditor

  • Still Family Education Center Content Developer​


Past Experience:

  • Parents Forever Instructor

  • Volunteer at Community Mediation and Restorative Services

  • Parent Leader for Minnesota Communities Caring for Children

(Formerly Prevent Child Abuse Minnesota) 2012- 2015

  • Adverse Childhood Experiences Study and Family Resilience Trainer

  • Family Court Enhancement Project Focus Group Participant

  • High Conflict Diversion Program Instructor

  • High Conflict Central Contributor

  • Advisory Committee Member- MN Child Focused Parenting Time Guide 

24 years experience working with


  • High Conflict Families

  • Victims of Domestic Violence

  • Adult Children of Alcoholics/Dysfunction

  • Childhood Trauma​


  • University of Minnesota

    • Master's Degree in Family Education​​
      with Parent Educator Licensure

      • Skilled in:
        Parent-Child Interaction
        Childhood Trauma 
        Advanced Child Development
        Family Development                      

  • Augsburg College Minneapolis

    • Bachelor's Degree in Psychology
      Skilled in:


            Conflict Resolution

            Family Dynamics       

            Gender differences in:

o    communication styles

o    stress management

o    parenting styles

o    conflict


  • Minnesota State Bar Association

        Family Mediation Skills Training


  • Community Mediation and Restorative Services

       Civil Mediation Training


  • Hamline Mediation Center     

Parenting Consulting Training

Parenting Time Expeditor Training



High Conflict Diversion Program Instructor Training

  • Minnesota Communities Caring for Children (formerly Prevent Child Abuse Minnesota)

via Minnesota Department of Health and Human Services:

       Protective Factors and Resiliency

       Adult Childhood Experiences Study (ACES) Trainer

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